5 Steps to Higher Sales Productivity
How to support your sales teams with the content they need

Looking for a new approach to support your Sales?

90% of marketing-created content goes unused by the sales team. And even though companies spend more than €30 billion on sales training, 83% of buyers say reps don’t understand their issues and aren’t adding any value during their sales conversation.

So how can we get the customer conversation back on track?

  • We need a sales support transformation; a new mindset focused on making sales reps smarter, faster so after each meeting or call with a buyer, they’re deemed credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • This transformation involves the right combination of people, process, technology and management. It centers on a programmatic approach that continuously delivers effective knowledge, content, and tools to your reps.

In this e-book we’ll take you through the 5 steps to building a sales performance support system that helps your reps close more business.

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