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Qstream is focused on making salespeople great at what they do, in just minutes a day, by combining performance insights, coaching support, and knowledge and skills reinforcement in one convenient mobile app.

Benefits of the microlearning app

For Sales and service reps

  • Easy to access any time, anywhere via browser or mobile device
  • Fast and effective, requiring only minutes a day
  • Keeps core knowledge and sales skills sharp
  • Game mechanics make Qstream fun and engaging

For Sales leaders

  • Supports continuous sales enablement without distracting from valuable selling time
  • Delivers actionable, real-time insights into the capabilities of any team
  • Provides actionable recommendations on who, what, and where to coach, supported by easy-to-use templates and communication tools
  • Minimizes pipeline and forecast risk

For training, enablement and learning professionals

  • Identifies individual strengths and weaknesses to enable personal learning and coaching paths
  • Maximizes ROI of sales enablement and training investments
  • Benchmark against top performers
  • Align team capabilities with identified skills and competencies

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