The 3 P's of winning Sales teams
Aligning Performance, Productivity and Proficiency for lasting sales success

Common pitfalls of traditional Sales support

Standard sales support tactics — characterized by event-driven, one-size-fits-all training — are falling short. It’s expensive, steals time from actual selling, and typically trains everyone on the same topics and skills, usually in a single session.

Next-generation, continuous Sales support

  • Sales leaders must ensure their teams are knowledgeable not only about what they’re selling, but about how to sell. They enable this by aligning reps’ skills to their unique sales process and buying journey, and helping them adapt as conditions change

  • By doing so, they complete the optimal sales analytics formula: Performance + Productivity x Proficiency (i.e., work smarter, not harder). In turn, they gain newfound insight that drives continuous sales enablement and smart coaching

  • The result? Sales teams that can reach their full potential and, more important, predictably deliver on their company’s most strategic business goals

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