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the Challenges in the Digital Era

How to Move Stalled Sales Opportunities

In this targeted webinar, together with us, you'll find out what the underlying reasons are for stalling deals, what you can do to avoid deals falling silent and how to deal with it when it remains a recurrent issue.

  • Procrastination comes in different guises
  • 3 steps to avoid procrastination
  • Dealing with Late Cycle Concerns

Presented By:

Pascal Persyn

Pascal supports organisations in delivering commercial excellence. His pet projects are about helping companies overcome the challenges due to the digital age. Today's better informed customers require organisations to rethink their commercial approach.

His executive experience in private, VC-backed and public companies enables doing the right thing at the right time with the right people.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pascal for expert advice: pascal@perpetos.com

Nicolas Dejehansart
Business Coach, Perpetos

Nicolas assists companies in driving their commercial performance to the next level. His pet projects are about enabling sales teams to win more deals, secure higher margins and lower the cost of sales.

Get in touch with Nicolas to gain competitive advantage: nicolas.dejehansart@perpetos.com.

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