How to create opportunities in a hybrid world

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Pascal Persyn

Pascal Persyn

Nicolas Dejehansart

Nicolas Dejehansart

Frederic Eeckhoudt

Frederic Eeckhoudt

In this series of webinars, we will elaborate on the development of new business and on methods of accelerating this process.

We know that sales and interactions with customers will never be the same as before Covid-19. We have been forced to embrace digital working at a fast pace, making hybrid working the new normal. A mix of digital, virtual and still important face-to-face contact not only creates new challenges but also new opportunities.

Companies that were able to adapt to this situation saw an increase in their sales results. In the webinars, we will provide answers and share insights into the benefits and pitfalls of hybrid sales.

Webinar Topics

These are a few of the topics we will cover:

  • Why remote selling will substantially improve performances as part of the activities
  • What is the best approach to prospecting and making appointments if people prefer holding a virtual meeting first?
  • How to make a connection in a video call and how to compensate for the loss of non-verbal communication when sharing a screen?
  • Decisions are deferred more often. What can I do about it?
  • How can Marketing provide sales support?
  • How can I enhance the influence I have on customers?

We will answer these and other questions in the 3 webinars that have been planned. If questions remain unanswered in the plenary sessions, we will answer them individually by email afterwards.

Already want to ask a specific question? Send it to us beforehand via and we will provide you with an appropriate answer free of charge during or after the relevant webinar.

Perpetos Webinar Series


The webinars always start at 5pm CET and take 45 minutes.
Are you equipped to attract sufficient new customers and generate revenue?

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In countries where considerable progress has been made in regulations or vaccinations, we can see what the new normal will look like for customers. These observations are currently confirmed by scientific studies and surveys. Virtual meetings will continue to play a role in our lives. We consider virtual interactions with customers as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

In the first webinar, we will look at the benefits and pitfalls of video meetings.

  • The focus is on ensuring that video meetings increase your chances of success
  • How to build trust and personal connections in virtual meetings
  • How to increase engagement and inspire buyers virtually
  • How to keep the customer’s interests in mind while achieving your objective
  • How to ensure that the customer will remember the principal message
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

Presented by Nicolas Dejehansart & Frederic Eeckhoudt

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We have known for a long time that influencing customers based on our strengths is the key to higher margins and better conversion ratios. But how can you achieve this in a world where it is more difficult than ever to make an appointment, and in many cases a virtual one? To make matters worse, we have to contend with better-informed customers.

Fortunately, every challenge is also an opportunity to make the difference. In this webinar, we will explain the solution in great detail.

  • When can what be influenced throughout the customer’s buying cycle?
  • Why objection handling is in most cases the result of mistakes made previously
  • How to avoid the biggest pitfalls in terms of customer influencing

Presented by Frederic Eeckhoudt & Pascal Persyn

Next to revenue and margin, the proposal conversion rate is still used very often as a performance indicator. Yet studies have repeatedly demonstrated that this results in behaviour that can best be compared to acting like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Since the first lockdown, we have seen major differences in this indicator’s evolution. They are a logical consequence of the uncertainty in combination with the virtual character of sales.

These findings and measurements have enabled us to draw up a step-by-step plan that allows salespeople to improve their score and produce less proposals.

  • Why you should immediately stop using the proposal conversion rate as a performance indicator
  • What indicators are better to measure performance and enable managers to improve their leadership and coaching skills?
  • What changes are required to achieve better results with fewer proposals?
  • What competencies need to be improved to this end? 

Presented by Nicolas Dejehansart & Pascal Persyn

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Pascal Persyn - CEO Perpetos

Pascal Persyn

Pascal supports organisations in delivering commercial excellence in the areas of Sales Enablement, Content Strategy and Buyer Journey Enablement. His pet projects are about helping companies overcome challenges due to the empowered customer and thus evolving into buyer-aligned organisations.

His executive experience in private, VC-backed and public companies enables doing the right thing at the right time with the right people.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pascal for expert advice:

Nicolas Dejehansart - Business Coach Perpetos

Nicolas Dejehansart
Business Coach @ Perpetos

Nicolas assists companies in driving their commercial performance to the next level. His pet projects are about enabling sales teams to win more deals, secure higher margins and lower the cost of sales.

Get in touch with Nicolas to gain competitive advantage:

Frederic Eeckhoudt - Business Coach Perpetos

Frederic Eeckhoudt
Business Coach @ Perpetos

Frederic assists companies and commercial teams to create more impact on their clients. Achieving growth by optimized account development, protect your margin during negotiations and selling complex solutions are his favorite type of projects.

Reach out to Frederic for his specialized advice: