The Foundation for Successful Sales Enablement

Sales Content Strategy

The current state of sales content

Since sales and marketing have very different goals for their use of content, it should not be surprising that about 80% of content created by most marketing departments is rarely or never used by sales, according to research from ITSMA. They also report that content creation takes up 16% of most marketing budgets and represents the largest cost category in the budget.

Maximizing Sales Content Effectiveness

  • Companies that decide to move forward with adoption of a dedicated sales content team will find that their budget goes further as their content becomes more effective and reusable across platforms and channels

  • They enjoy more predictable sales cycles and a more even revenue stream

  • Their sales force will be more successful and turnover increases

  • While it takes some effort to adopt a disciplined sales content strategy, the positive medium and long-term results and competitive advantage far outweigh the initial efforts

This eBook provides a roadmap for developing a sales content strategy, including the adoption of content governance to ensure a motivated, successful, enabled sales force

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