How to develop customer portfolios

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Higher revenue with existing customers

Everyone knows that it is much easier and cheaper to increase sales with existing customers than to find new customers. On the other hand, many people have experienced that an increase in discounts is often used as a lever for increasing the loyalty or revenue. It is not the only lever, however.

Studies have shown that customers are prepared to pay more if the supplier can demonstrate the value of the total package provided.

  • How can you avoid that customers limit price comparisons to comparing the properties of products and services?
  • What changes are needed to improve the contents of sales talks?
  • How to make it more difficult for your competitors to have access to your customers

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Pascal Persyn - CEO Perpetos

Pascal Persyn
CEO @ Perpetos

Pascal supports organisations in delivering commercial excellence in the areas of Sales Enablement, Content Strategy and Buyer Journey Enablement. His pet projects are about helping companies overcome challenges due to the empowered customer and thus evolving into buyer-aligned organisations.
His executive experience in private, VC-backed and public companies enables doing the right thing at the right time with the right people.
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Valerie De Coninck - Learner Engagement Perpetos

Valerie De Coninck
Learner Engagement @ Perpetos

Valerie facilitates the learning and development trajectories of individuals and teams, thus ensuring that insights and newly acquired skills are anchored for impactful change.

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