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Pascal Persyn

Pascal Persyn

Nicolas Dejehansart

Nicolas Dejehansart

Frederic Eeckhoudt

Frederic Eeckhoudt

In this series of webinars, we will elaborate on the development of customer portfolios and on how to achieve profitable growth in a structural manner.

Covid-19 has demonstrated for several of our customers that the average revenue per salesperson can be structurally improved. Many of their customers have discovered the advantages of virtual meetings and no longer expect a salesperson to visit them so frequently.

Salespeople who have been able to adapt have consequently drastically increased their productivity and sales results as well as the loyalty of existing customers.

The managers of these companies have ensured that salespeople have adapted their competencies and have structured the commercial involvement of other (non-sales) team members so as to facilitate the detection and development of new opportunities with existing customers.

Thanks to the experience everyone has gained with virtual interactions, sales has acquired an additional tool to enhance the services levels, loyalty, revenue and efficiency. Achieving the right mix of digital, virtual and still important face-to-face contact is not just a challenge in and of itself, it also requires other competencies from salespeople and their management.

This means that new attitudes need to be adopted and certain indicators need to be measured and reported differently.

Webinar Topics

These are a few of the topics we will cover:

  • How do I avoid fewer visits resulting in less customer loyalty?
  • Will an increase in efficiency eventually result in a decrease in loyalty among existing customers?
  • How to determine the ideal mix of virtual and on-site visits per customer to maximise the potential at the lowest possible sales cost?
  • What is the best approach to prospecting and making appointments if people prefer holding a virtual meeting first?
  • What topics should I only discuss during a visit?
  • Are virtual meetings an opportunity to allocate several salespeople to a single customer in view of the very wide range of products we offer?

We will answer these and other questions in the 3 webinars that have been planned. If questions remain unanswered in the plenary sessions, we will answer them individually by email afterwards.

Already want to ask a specific question? Send it to us beforehand via and we will provide you with an appropriate answer free of charge during or after the relevant webinar.

Perpetos Webinar Series


To what degree are you already maximising the potential of your customer portfolios?

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In the post-Covid world, the sign ‘by appointment only’ has taken on a completely new dimension. Customers have discovered that video meetings help them avoid the loss of time they experience when salespeople (want to) pay them a visit. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for their existing suppliers. They are also only asked to come round when the customer wants it.

Besides technical skills, video meetings also require other sales skills.

  • How to convert virtual customer visits into an advantage
  • What new skills do salespeople need?
  • How is a sales conversation different in video calls?

Presented by Nicolas Dejehansart & Frederic Eeckhoudt

Watch On-Demand & Download the presentation

Watch On-Demand & Download the presentation

Everyone knows that it is much easier and cheaper to increase sales with existing customers than to find new customers. On the other hand, many people have experienced that an increase in discounts is often used as a lever for increasing the loyalty or revenue. It is not the only lever, however.

Studies have shown that customers are prepared to pay more if the supplier can demonstrate the value of the total package provided.

  • How can you avoid that customers limit price comparisons to comparing the properties of products and services?
  • What changes are needed to improve the contents of sales talks?
  • How to make it more difficult for your competitors to have access to your customers

Presented by Valerie De Coninck & Pascal Persyn

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Research in psychology and neuroscience have proven that people are creatures of habit. It implies that salespeople can rely on behaviours that were successful in the past. However, this can be a pitfall.

Doing things differently is necessary for a better result, yet also requires reflection on and critical assessment of the situation. It also requires adopting new attitudes which, at first sight, are experienced as a risk to the current results.

  • What is dynamic portfolio management and how to implement
  • How to steer, support and coach salespeople differently to increase their openness to change
  • How to eliminate the perceived risk
  • How to promote reflection on and critical assessment of customer situations among salespeople

Presented by Nicolas Dejehansart & Pascal Persyn


Pascal Persyn - CEO Perpetos

Pascal Persyn

Pascal supports organisations in delivering commercial excellence in the areas of Sales Enablement, Content Strategy and Buyer Journey Enablement. His pet projects are about helping companies overcome challenges due to the empowered customer and thus evolving into buyer-aligned organisations.

His executive experience in private, VC-backed and public companies enables doing the right thing at the right time with the right people.

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Nicolas Dejehansart - Business Coach Perpetos

Nicolas Dejehansart
Business Coach @ Perpetos

Nicolas assists companies in driving their commercial performance to the next level. His pet projects are about enabling sales teams to win more deals, secure higher margins and lower the cost of sales.

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Frederic Eeckhoudt - Business Coach Perpetos

Frederic Eeckhoudt
Business Coach @ Perpetos

Frederic assists companies and commercial teams to create more impact on their clients. Achieving growth by optimized account development, protect your margin during negotiations and selling complex solutions are his favorite type of projects.

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